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Edward B. Kiker HAL5

Our Organization

Power Grid Defense Committee

Current Core Committee
Chairman - Gregory H. Allison, HAL5 Founder
Edward Kiker - Scientist, High Frontier, Yohon Lo
Tim Travis -
Outreach - Col. Victor P. Budura, Jr. USAF Retired
Scientist/Artist - Edward B. Kiker
Texas Outreach - David Christensen

Infra Gard Contact - Paul E. Daymond

Past Committee Members
Walter Hammond, PE; Evelyn Sabino; Col. Victor P. Budura, Jr. USAF Retired; David Christensen.


The Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5) forms the nucleus of the Power Grid Defense Conference Committee. Other organizations we are working to be involved with are:

Should you wish to contact us via email: greg@powergriddefense.org

Greg Allison, Power Grid Defense Committee Alabama
c/o Huntsville Alabama L5 Society
PO Box 22413
Huntsville, AL 35814
Website: www.powergriddefense.org, www.HAL5.org

Dont Let this Happen! Join Us! Help Us Protect Our Grid.

CME grid
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